A bit about me

Like many practitioners, I became interested in natural medicine after having my own health issues. After years of “not feeling right” and not feeling listened to by my medical practitioner, I was been diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome and subsequently some other auto-immune conditions. I had worked for a number of years in a corporate management role and being a single mum, realised that stress was playing a significant part in my health.

It took a hefty dose of burn—out and autoimmune flare-up to make me to sit up and take notice.

Being a Continuous Improvement focused person in my corporate career, I refocused these skills on myself and in the process developed a curiosity about how our bodies work, particularly how stress and nutrition have an impact on our health.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Natural Medicine, I now practice part time as a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist – helping people on their own personal continuous improvement journeys. I would love to help you on yours.

I also still work part time as a Business Analyst in a corporate environment on continuous improvement related projects and write the occasional health related article and deliver presentations.

I live in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges with my husband and de-stress by walking in the forest and at the beach and I practice mindfulness and meditation.